Managed kubernetes service


Orchestrate, deploy, upgrade & scale any containerized apps with Kubernetes
clusters across multiple cloud environments. Get end-to-end support from Certified Kubernetes administrators.

Why Kubernetes Service for Microservices & Application Modernization?


Scale-up/down containers anytime on-demand with Kubernetes clusters to manage peak performances.

Load Balancing

Load balances your containers apps across multiple hosts/clusters on the fly when demand strikes.


Build-Ship-Deploying container app images for easy upgrade & downgrade with complete control over the release managements.

Service Mesh

Enable multipath communication (dataflows) between containers for unified app performance.

Traffic Management

Seamless user traffic control for private & Public traffic management.


Facilitate collaborative, agile operations with easy container sharing across multiple nodes and clusters.


  • Continous Integration
  • Code Management
  • Build
  • Microservices
  • Continuous Testing
  • Databases
  • Security Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Monitoring


Kubernetes Support Service Matrix

Optimize single datacenter and multi-datacenter deployments. Configure persistent storage and optimizations on large scales and run 24/7 monitoring augmented with proper backup and recovery services. Run patching of applications and Kubernetes for advanced security. Integrate Kubernetes updates on a proactive basis.

Why Adopt AssistanZ 24x7 Managed Cloud and Fully Managed Kubernetes Services?

One of most trusted Managed Cloud & Server Management Service Provider since 2005.
24x7 Support team backed by Kubernetes & cloud-certified experts around the clock coverage.
End-to-end managed services offerings: CI/CD Integration, Code Build & Management with complete automation.
Dedicated Kubernetes Cost Optimization Exercises with Kubernetes Benchmarking adhering to industry best practices.
Customized Kubernetes Deployment with Integrated Automation with key Features: Portability, IAM, Clustering, Policy Management, Auto-healing, Integrated Load Balancing, Clean UI-UX.
Seamless migrations and containerizing apps to any cloud platforms like AWS, GCP & private Kubernetes clusters.

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