Server Migration

Server Migration

Server migration is not simply migrating the files from one server to another server. It has several steps for smooth migration and keeping your clients happy.
Since the cross-platform migration involves various challenge such as broken email account, website links/paths, database configs, etc, we follow the DATM (Discover, Assess, Target, Migrate) strategy with our own customized scripts to migrate the cross-platform hosting servers to have a very minimal effect on downtime including DNS/Network ips.

Server Migration Plan

  • 24x7 Unlimited migration support
  • Minimal Down Time Process
  • Live progress updates on chat/phone
  • Free control panel installation and setup
  • Security and performance optimization
  • Config re-sync with existing server
  • Data re-sync & rechecks after the migrations
  • Fixing email & broken website links after migrations
  • Flexibility on scheduled migration timings
  • Expertise team in various control panels
  • Free 7 days post migration support
  • Require root access for the both source and destination servers
  • Cross platform migration not cover under this plan

Server Migration Process

Step 1


Catalog your software and DB workloads. Discovering which apps and DB workloads are running on exisiting servers.

Step 2


Categorize Your apps and DB's: By type, By criticality, By complexity, By risk

Step 3


Destinations for migration: AWS CentOS/Ubuntu Windows Servers Any Cross Platform

Step 4


Setting up new IPV4's that wont disrupt your business

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